About Us

 Recent Chapter Highlights 
  • The chapter received NSDAR recognition for Level 1”Gold” for Chapter Achievement. Members attended DAR Days, Mini Tour, District IV meetings and attended Continental Congress as well as the Christmas Open House.
  • Held an historic ceremony placing the DAR insignia at the gravesite of Frances E. Willard in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago. A lovely reception followed at Willard’s ‘Rest Cottage’ in Evanston. Miss Willard’s next of kin attended.
  • Dedicated the Fort Dearborn Chapter Fireplace, Nancy R. Schultz, Regent, 2011~2017 in the Dawes Family East Parlor of the Evanston History Center at the Dawes House and Museum as approved by the NSDAR Historian General Virginia Trader
  • Celebrated our ‘Service to America’ commemorating NSDAR Founders Day by assisting with cleaning the beloved, historic Frances E. Willard House Museum including chapter members and the William Dawes Society C.A.R.
  • Celebrated the Woman in the Arts Conservation artist, Peggy Macnamara at a formal benefit on Flag Day at the Exmoor Country Club.  The NSDAR Woman in the Arts certificate and medal were bestowed on Peggy Macnamara
  • Awarded the second Fort Dearborn/Schultz/Archer Fellowship to an intern at the Frances Willard House Museum and Archives.
  • Received NSDAR recognition from the Registrar General for the outstanding DAR application work of Cynthia Archer,
  • Our regent presented the Northwestern University 2018 Navy ROTC top Fourth Class Midshipman with a medal and a monetary prize.
  • Received an Illinois State Organization of the NSDAR award for ‘The Fort Dearborn Chapter Active Junior Scholarship for College Tuition.’
  • Fort Dearborn Chapter was a recognized partner with the Illinois Bicentennial Committee
  • Enjoyed programs on many fascinating topics and functions, including: “Art in the Darnedest Places,”  celebrating Frances Willard’s Birthday, participation at the City of Evanston’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Patriots Park next to the Fort Dearborn DAR Patriot Memorial Flagpole,  “Picasso, Picasso, Picasso: A Salon with Gertrude Stein”as guests of the University Guild women’s art appreciate group started by our organizing Regent, Cornelia Lunt, “Create, Empower, Heal: Photography as a Tool to End Child Marriage” by Elizabeth Pratt at the home of Cynthia Archer
  • At our annual birthday party for George Washington, we joined by State Regent Gloria Flathom, the William Dawes Society C.A.R. and SAR for a delightful “Happy Birthday Illinois Bicentennial Bash” presented by actor Terry Lynch, Histories For Kids.

   Chapter Officers  

       Regent: Patricia A. Piron

       1st Vice Regent: Nancy R. Schultz

2nd Vice Regent: G. Elaine Harwood

       Chaplain: Beverly Laurell

       Recording Secretary: Kathleen Grant

   Corresponding Secretary:  Annis “Diddy” Byth

         Treasurer: Julie Weber Schultz

       Registrar: Cynthia Archer

       Historian: Karen O. Woolard

       Librarian: Mary Louise Skoglund

Illustration by Fort Dearborn Member Gail Elaine Harwood, 2012.

G. Elaine Harwood, Fort Dearborn Chapter Member. Illustration. © 2012. 

 – Chapter Calendar –

– 2018/ 2019 –

June               Chapter Benefit

July                Independence Day Celebration

August          National Women’s Equality Day

September   DAR Days Dist. IV Mtg.
                       Chapter Mtg., Lineage Workshop
                       Frances Willard’s Birthday
                       Service to America

October        Field Trip, Galena, IL
                      Bus Trip, Bacone College

November    District IV Mtg.
                      Veteran’s Day Ceremony

December    Illinois Statehood Bicentennial
                      Holiday Party Wm. Dawes CAR
                      Wreathes Across America

– 2019 – 

January       Chapter Mtg., University Guild

February     George Washington Birthday Party

March          District IV Meeting
                     Chapter Meeting, State Regent 

April            Found Restaurant, Evanston
                    State DAR Conference

May              Annual Meeting
                     District IV Mini Tour

June            125th Anniversary Celebration
                    Flag Day

 Recent Chapter Program Topics 

  • Health Needs of our Military Women and Families
  • Dramatic Portrayal of Gertrude Bell, British Architect and Spy
  • What’s New in Illinois DAR Conservation?
  • Reflections on the Vietnam War
  • Update Your Knowledge of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Historic Preservation of Evanston’s Dawes House
  • Anxieties of Family Separation During the Early American Republic
  • A Visit from the “Real” Benjamin Franklin with our C.A.R. Children

  Chapter Community Involvement  

 – City of Evanston –
The chapter donated the first public artwork in Evanston, the Memorial Flagpole Monument in Patriots Park; the chapter later funded the memorial’s restoration. With the William Dawes Society Children of the American Revolution and the City of Evanston, the chapter planted an oak tree in the lakefront park named in honor of its founding regent, Miss Cornelia Gray Lunt.

– Evanston History Center –
The magnificent, historic lakefront home of U.S. Vice President Charles Gates Dawes is the site of numerous chapter events. The chapter’s archives are preserved there by EHC.

– Evanston Public Library –
The chapter holds free genealogical help sessions at EPL each month and donates current reference books to the library’s collection of genealogical works.

– Frances Willard House Museum –
The chapter contributes financially toward restoration efforts and funds an internship to aid in the preservation of the Frances Willard House Museum.

– William Dawes Society NSC.A.R. –
Originally organized in 1919, the William Dawes Society Children of the American Revolution was reorganized by the chapter in 2013. The chapter sponsors the C.A.R. Society with the assistance of other DAR chapters on the North Shore.

– Fort Dearborn NSSAR –
The chapter has hosted joint meetings and celebrations with the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) throughout the years. 

– Northwestern University –
The chapter has enjoyed a relationship with Northwestern University for over 120 years. An NU Ph.D. candidate in Colonial American Studies has traditionally addressed the chapter each spring and has been awarded a monetary prize.

– Northwestern University Guild –
The chapter is hosted by the Northwestern University Guild each January. The chapter’s silver collection is housed in the Guild’s Scott Hall lounge on the Northwestern campus.

– Northwestern University NROTC –
The chapter regent proudly presents the NSDAR gold medal and a monetary award to the top Fourth Class Midshipman at the Northwestern University Naval ROTC Spring Review each year.

– Veterans Organizations –
The chapter contributes clothing to Chicago Stand Down for Homeless Veterans, donates layettes to the Women’s Center at the Great Lakes Lovell Federal Health Care Center, and provides financial support for various veteran activities. The chapter is a commemorative partner of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and honors American veterans.

The DAR is a non-profit, non-political women's service organization dedicated to promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism.

Web hyperlinks to non-DAR sites are not the responsibility of the NSDAR, the state organizations, or individual DAR chapters. This site was updated on 5 Nov 2018

The DAR is a non-profit, non-political women's service organization dedicated to promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism, and honoring the patriots of America's Revolutionary War.

Web hyperlinks to non-DAR sites are not the responsibility of the NSDAR, the state organizations, or individual DAR chapters. This site was updated on 5 Nov 2018